WhereTeamTalk Mobile Trunk Radio

Whereteamtalk is a radio communication through the Internet (IP Trunk Radio) and portable radio communications for business (2.5G - 3G Trunk Mobile Radio) which can replace old Trunk Mobile Radio system. It is the latest development in PPP communications, which is the appearance of the application on smartphones. Whereteamtalk is cross-platform solution between web-based, Android, and iOS. The digital system is safe from being intercepted, can access everywhere by ADSL or WIFI Internet, 3G or EDGE. Moreover, users in organizations can communicate between users within the same group and in a closed system, as well as manage and control users' username and passwords. Furthermore, individuals, groups, or private channels are available for businesses in order to reduce the cost of telephones and others.

For example, private sector in insurance companies (car insurance) have to compete with others in speed and accuracy, staffs and clients must be ensured that the companies have capability and efficiency, by using Whereteam, it will enable you to plan when to send teams to claim cars and check the right routes. Moreover, it can send information to clients to gather the time of accidents for rescue and plan services. You can plan beforehand with customers to find the most convenient route and assign missions to sales representatives, and efficiently report back about the difference between the plan and the real situation.