Whereteamtalk dispatchers are responsible for monitoring all of the communications within a specific geographic area. Public safety dispatchers are responsible for all emergency communications that occur within the jurisdiction of their department. These workers receive and document incoming calls, transmit messages to appropriate personnel, and keep logs of daily activities of the personnel. Public safety dispatchers usually work in a police station, a fire station, or a hospital. Other dispatchers work in centralized communication centers associated with specific company or service.

          Whereteamtalk dispatchers work with smartphones, radios, and computers on a routine basis. As a result of sitting for long periods and using such equipment, dispatchers can help with eye strain and back problems. Public safety dispatchers are usually the first point of contact between emergency services and the public. Receiving incoming calls for help, these dispatchers must ascertain the nature, location, and range of emergency. The working conditions of a public safety dispatcher may be particularly stressful comparing to others because handling a call in an inappropriate manner may delay or misdirect other emergency personnel, which could result in serious injury or even death.


  • Whereteamtalk Public safety dispatchers: for example, 1155 Thailand call center receives calls from individuals who need assistance from tourist officers, police officers, and emergency centers, once information is obtained from the caller from 1155 Thailand callcenter Application, these dispatchers will activate relevant services to respond to the call. Phuket Police Talk Application of Ministry of Tourism and Sports Thailand dispatchers are an integral part of the organization's success by managing operation to solve ploblems in Phuket, using 'push to talk' function to communicate with interpreters in Bangkok.

  • Whereteamtalk dispatchers for National Disaater Warning Center for NCOP: (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Thailand) For NCOP, Whereteamtalk is an application for mobile communication and people tracking.

  • Transportation and service dispatchers: other organizations (transportation and warehousing industries) use dispatchers to respond to service calls, coordinate for transportation schedules, and to organize the delivery of materials. Truck dispatchers are employed by truck companies to monitor the delivery of freight over long distances and coordinate for delivery, pickup, and drop-off schedules. Bus dispatchers monitor the schedules of their bus fleet and show any problems arise during their operations. Tow-truck dispatchers respond to calls for emergency roadside assistance. Gas and water service dispatchers monitor their respective utilities and receive calls for emergency assistance that involve gas lines and water mains.

  • Railroad dispatchers: Train dispatchers are employed by railroads to direct and facilitate the movement of trains over an assigned territory, which is usually part, or all, of a railroad operating division. Whereteamtalk dispatchers is also responsible for cost-effective movement of trains and other on-track railroad equipments to optimize physical (trains) and human resource (crews) assets.